Berlin: Adrien Brody Starring Thriller ‘Manhattan Nocturne’ Sells Worldwide

Adrien Brody

Los Angeles-based 13 Films has sold “Manhattan Nocturne,” starring Adrien Brody, to multiple territories. The sexy thriller was picked up for Germany (Telemunchen), Australia and New Zealand (Transmission), South Africa (Sterkinekor), Greece (Tanweer), Latin America (Alebrije), China (DDDream), Hong Kong (Deltamac), the Middle East (Eagle Films) Taiwan (Winday), South Korea (Lion), Portugal (Films 4 You), Turkey (Central Park), Thailand (Coral Culture Contents) former Yugolslavia (Dexin Film), India (Pictureworks) and Captive Entertainment for airlines, and Fox TV for pan-Asia.

The film, currently in post-production, is adapted from the book of the same titles by Colin Harrison, and directed by Brian DeCubellis. Grindstone Entertainment Group has acquired the U.S. rights and Lionsgate Premiere will handle the distribution via a multi-platform release on May 20.

Berlin: Adrien Brody Starring Thriller ‘Manhattan Nocturne’ Sells Worldwide