Exclusive: Scott Adkins returns to duty in the Legacy of Lies trailer

The action star returns for a new spy thriller this summer

By Matt Patches@misterpatches  May 19, 2020, 1:41pm EDT

Unimaginable circumstances have bumped many of the summer movie season’s most high-profile blockbusters to elsewhere on the release calendar. But here’s the thing: we’re still getting a brand new Scott Adkins spy thriller in July. There aren’t many bigger promises that life can make to an action movie fan.

In Legacy of Lies, Adkins, one of this generation’s great stunt-capable, shoot-em-up performers, stars as Martin Baxter, an ex-assassin pulled back into the crossfire of UK and Russian intelligence when a journalist seeks his help in solving a cold case. When his daughter his captured by the KGB, Martin is given 24 hours to deliver secret case files. Punches are thrown.

Like a mix of Taken, the Bourne series, and even a little Boyka thrown in for good measure, Legacy of Lies makes full use of its star’s power. In this exclusive first look at the film, Martin Baxter runs. Martin Baxter jumps. Martin Baxter uses his elbow for a number of painful-looking takedowns. Martin Baxter does just about everything to get the job done.

Having been in the action business for nearly 20 years, it would be easy for Adkins to lean on his reputation and take it a bit easier. Legacy of Lies suggests there’s no slowing down for the actor, which in a moment when we could all use a little escapism, is good news.

The movie hits VOD and DVD on July 28.