The Forgiven

Drama / Thriller


U.S. Theatrical: Saban Films

Writer/Director: Two time Academy Award nominee Roland Joffé (The Killing Fields, The Scarlet Letter)

Co-Writer: Michael Ashton

Cast: Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Black Panther, Lee Daniel’s The Butler) and Eric Bana (“Dirty John”, Star Trek, Munich)

Producer: Craig Baumgarten (Hook, Peter Pan)

Executive Producer: Kim Ashton

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Whitaker) finds himself morally and intellectually challenged by Piet Blomfield (Bana), a convicted murderer serving a life sentence in prison and seeking redemption for the atrocities he committed. Tutu must fight to hold together a country threatening to tear itself apart once again without losing himself in the process.